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CBSE School

The school is affiliated to CBSE and meets the quality requirements of a national curriculum. The school nestles amidst open green pastures, providing the children with a perfect setting for learning in a serene and pollution free environment.


The school boasts of modern school building with hi-tech infrastructure and facilities. The school offers best possible educational facilities including Computer Lab, Science Lab, Library, CCTV Surveillance, Sports Ground, Smart Classes, Spacious Classrooms etc.

Personal Attention

There are 2 Teachers with 25 students in KG classes and 1 Teacher per 30 students in primary classes. Every child gets better personal care and an individualized attention.

Value Education

Value based education aims at training the student to face the outer world with right attitude and values. There is a lot of importance given to character building through unique School Cinema Program and Value Based Assemblies.

Student Exposure

Today is the time of competition and to beat the same students need to be equipped with both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Our students participate in a myriad of inter and intra school events. Moreover, school excursions, Guest lectures are organised through which they can gain confidence, team spirit and social understanding.

English Language Development

English is the most important language as all subjects are taught in English nowadays. The English language Improvement Plan (ELIP) is designed in such a way that it incorporates ongoing an intensive focus on English Language Development to support the linguistic skills i.e. , listening, speaking, reading and writing.


STEAM at Springdales not only incorporates teamwork and instruction in the soft skills needed in the future but also fulfils students learning experience by supporting them in their ability to transfer learning to performing skills, by which students can solve new problems and draw conclusions based upon previously learned principles applied through science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Skill Based Education

Skill based education is an utmost important aspect for the overall holistic development of children. We work with a philosophy on these broad areas Intellectual Development, Physical and Health, Artistic Development, Creative Development, IT Skills Development, Social and Moral Development.


School has opted for a framework for assessment of learning- SAFAL. Structured Assessment for Analyzing Learning is a competency based assessment education program, introduced by CBSE, to asses the progress of foundational skills and basic learning competencies among students.

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