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  • Parents and students should go through the Information Booklet to understand the curriculum and make the most out of it.

  • Students should identify activities/competitions that interest them and seek timely guidance from the teachers on preparation.

  • Timetable will be given to the students. It should be followed and accordingly books and notebooks should be carried to school.

  • Parents and students should familiarize themselves with the requirements of notebooks for different subjects. Separate notebooks for T1 and T2.

  • Books and Notebooks should always be well covered and with a name-slip. Color coding as below is followed Value 




  • An index has to be maintained in the notebooks (classes 1st and above). Format of the same will be discussed with  the students.

  •  Whatsapp group is created for each class with subject teachers and parents as participants. Parents may ask any doubts related to HW there between 5pm to 6pm only. No good morning messages or negative remarks allowed.

  • We discourage children from taking tuitions. For any reason if a child is taking extra tuitions, it is important that the    tuition is used for completing school HW only.

  • The subject teachers maintain a record of tests and notebook correction for every child.

  • Any notes or circulars sent by the school through the school diary should be signed by the parent.

  • Folders are provided to make a student portfolio. The portfolio should be bifurcated for different subjects using        pastel sheets as per the color coding of the subjects. Following material will be maintained in the portfolios-

        a.Any subject worksheets done in class or at home (voluntarily or as per directions of the teacher)

        b.Self evaluation and feedback reports. (identify gaps in learning, subjects being enjoyed, what student would like               to learn)

        c.Any additional work / projects done in any subject apart from the book work.

        d.Record of achievements

  • Please motivate your child to come to school regularly and punctually so that no lessons are missed.

  • Talk to your child everyday about the happenings in school and take regular feedback on his learning and                 development.

  • Parents are partners of the school in the education process of their ward. It is of utmost importance that the parents cooperate with the school and work in tandem so that we are able to successfully mentor and educate the children.

  • The syllabus mentioned in the booklet is detailed monthly. It will help you track your child’s learning in different  subjects on a monthly basis.

  • Students will be given homework in order to reinforce the concepts taught in class. It is important that the HW is  done as per the directions and formats prescribed by the subject teacher.

  • Parents are requested to check and sign the school diary daily for any homework or notes.

  • As all subjects except Hindi are taught in English, the importance of the English language is self evidentiary. The  school places a lot of importance to learn English. Parents are requested to lay stress on the same and converse  with children in English. Parents may also encourage their ward to view certain English educational programs on TV such as those on National Geographic or Discovery Channel.

  • English Language Improvement Plan is implemented in school with an attempt to improve language skills. A  separate note on the same will be provided so that parents can assist their wards.

  • Parents should encourage their ward to inculcate a habit of reading. Read to them incase the child has not attained the reading level as yet. A multitude of books can be issued from the school library too. A suggested reading list is also provided in the information booklet.

  • Regular Parent Teacher meetings are conducted after examinations. Parents should attend these meetings regularly, so that they may take feedback about their ward’s education and may discuss any concerns with the teachers.

  • Springdales believes in activity based, experiential learning. Activities are educational in nature and also are a fun way to learn. For conducting these activities parents may have to provide certain materials to their wards.

  • Make sure that your ward carries necessary stationery items daily. The list is incorporated in the information booklet.

  • Parents should look into health and hygiene of their ward and should ensure that their ward is always in proper  uniform, his/her hair and nails are cut. Good physical and mental health leads to better learning and performance.

Other Instructions for Kindergarten Classes

  • There are many fun learning activities described in the text books. Parents can also perform these activities with their children. This will help build a solid academic foundation.

  • To make the school bag lighter, the rhyme books will be kept at home and will only be asked for when needed. Similarly, the art, school cinema, student portfolios and handwriting books will be kept at school and will only be sent home periodically.

  • Two notebooks are used on rotation for English, Hindi and Math and one for EVS. One notebook is sent for homework and the other is kept for classwork.

  • Stationery items, as per the list provided in the information booklet, have to be submitted with the class teacher at the start of the session.

  • Homework should always be done as per instructions and format used for Classwork so that there is uniformity in instructions.

  • An extra dress should be sent in the ward’s school bag for emergencies.

  • Aprons, Spoon, Handkerchief, Hand Sanitizer should be sent daily.

  • Extra diaper may be sent with the student (if required).

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