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Good Infrastructure is of paramount importance to a school as appropriate facilities need to be provided to children to ensure that their developmental needs are met. At Springdales, we are proud to have a high-quality infrastructure which includes-

  • A sprawling green campus which is safe and healthy for children to engage in outdoor activities.

  • A sports ground for outdoor sports such as football, badminton, kho-kho, handball etc.

  • Young children park with swings and trampoline.

  • Audiovisual room with the smart class facility.

  • Wifi enabled school campus.

  • Nationally acclaimed NIIT Computer Lab.

  • Big Sized Classrooms with quality furniture and CCTV Surveillance.

  • Multipurpose Hall

  • Well equipped kindergarten section stocked with educational toys, swings 

  • One of the very few schools with English Language lab to enhance English Language skills.

  • Composite Science Lab

  • Library with a host of language and educational books.

  • Dedicated Art and Music centres

  • Citywide transport facility for students.

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