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Welcome Letter

Dear Parent,

We are pleased to welcome you and your child to the session 2020-21. We hope that the educational journey this year is a source of enrichment for your child and yourself. We are committed to make every effort to build a strong moral, physical and academic foundation for your child.


School Philosophy:

The educational programme of Springdales strives to create skilled learners and ethical leaders who will go on to the best universities anywhere in the world, pursue careers of their choice and lead a happy life. The school’s curriculum provides opportunities to develop various skills in students while keeping moral and social development at the foundation.


Some important information to get you started on the new session:

  1. Session 2020-21 has commenced from 1st of April 2020 for classes Pre Nur to 10th.The classes are being conducted in online mode as per government instructions.

  2. The school timing during summers is from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Monday to Friday) for Kindergarten classes and from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Monday to Saturday) for classes 1st to 10th. 2nd Saturday is a usually a holiday for students unless informed otherwise.This is for regular teaching days and only online classes being conducted now as per schedule shared.

  3. A School Kit containing Information Booklet, Prayer Book (new parents only), Student Diary, Fee Booklet, School Cinema Workbook, Portfolio folder can be collected from school between 27th– 31st March.(The following has been postponed due to the prevailing situation. You will be informed of the availability in due course of time.)

  4. Curriculum:For information regarding Academic Guidelines, Holidays, Syllabus, Examination Calendar, Examination Scheme, Activity/Events Calendar, List of Books & Notebooks for the academic year 2020-21, kindly refer to the Information Booklet that will be provided to you.                                                                It is important that parents go through the Information booklet properly to ensure a good start for the child as it gives all information about the curriculum.

  5. School Rules:Kindly go through the School Diary for Guidelines and Rules concerning various aspects of the school including- Transport, Fee, Uniform, Examination, Discipline & Conduct etc.

  6. Communication: Circulars for parents will be circulated through Bulk SMS facility/ School Diary Notes / School App. Parents may also communicate with the teachers or school authorities using the school diary or school app. Through the school app parents can access regular & quick information on the wards performance. Feedback facility is also provided in the school app through which parents can provide feedback regarding academic or administrative issues directly to the school administration.In person meetings with the Coordinator / concerned teacher can be held on the last Saturday of every month or by prior appointment.Parents desirous of meeting the Principal should seek prior appointment from the administrative office.Following people may be contacted in case of any query:                                         For General Queries & Prior Appointments:Ms. Upasana (Office Administrator, Ph: 9797723761)                 Fee & Transport issues:Mr. Avinash (School Manager, Ph: 7006343927)                                                   For School App Issues:Mr. Ashok (IT In-charge, Ph: 9149580141)

  7. For additional content on education and to keep yourself updated on the events and activities in the school do visit our Website ( and like our Facebook page ( You should also subscribe to the school’s Youtube Channel

  8. If you have availed transport services for your ward, the details of the vehicle and driver will be shared with you prior to the start of the session.

  9. There will be a parent orientation programme held on 18th April. All parents should attend the same.(Postponed due to COVID)


Curriculum and Infrastructure Highlights for Session 2020-21:

We want our students to be empowered with not just confidence but also with the desire to create meaningful change, to find their purpose, passion & place in the world. We want them to utilise their time to acquire new skills & experiences through various scholastic and co-scholastic activities.

School Curriculum at Springdales is designed to encompass different spheres of child’s holistic growth and character building. A team of dedicated and meticulous teachers teach students in a way which is enjoyable, memorable and educative.


Following are the new additions in the curriculum to excite and challenge the learners in the session 2020-21:


  1. The theme of the year is CULTURE and there will be learning opportunities through out the year to explore this theme.

  2. In line with our philosophy to make independent and socially aware individuals the school has become a registered member of IAYP (International Award for Young People) where in students of classes 8th to 10th will get a chance to scope for international level awards based on scholastic and co-scholastic achievements.

  3. In an attempt to spread sense of appreciation & belongingness for our country, school has registered with INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage). Various events are conducted under the aegis of this organization and they bring an insight into Indian heritage, culture & traditions.

  4. From this session we are forming Student Clubs namely- Nature & Adventure Club, Literary, Social Outreach. Senior students will get a chance to be become members of this club and to perform and plan various club activities independently.

  5. To instill competitiveness and leadership quality, school will conduct Inter House competitions wherein the four Houses namely Tawi, Indus, Chenab and Jhelum will compete for the overall trophy. Student Council is elected every year comprising of Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains, House Prefects & Sports Captains.

  6. This session we are collaborating with BYJUs on trial basis for classes 6, 7 & 8 without any extra charge from the parents. BYJUS is providing concept based Science and Math multimedia learning content through a Smart TV which has been installed in the school’s Science Lab.

  7. As per the requirements of the 21st century,STEAM learning is introduced in the curriculum STEAM is the acronym for Science, technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths and propagates a hands on, project based system of learning connected to practical life. Through STEAM students are expected to develop critical thinking and creativity to become the next generation innovators.

  8. Student portfolios have been introduced to keep a record of student work and performance. In order to make education more child centric, a concept of student self evaluation is introduced. This will help us improve curriculum and identify gaps in students learning so that accordingly teaching can be made more effective.

  9. English Language Improvement Planis followed throughout the year. Winners are awarded at the end of each term for the activities like Punctuation, Sight Words, Tell it again, Writer’s unblocked, My Journal, Reading Campaign, Dictionary making, etc.In some of these activities, students require assistance & encouragement from parents at home.

  10. School magazine – ‘The Springer’ will be published thrice in the session to promote creativity and self expression of the students.

  11. To improve skills in a fun manner and to connect subject knowledge with its application in the world special weeks for STEAM, Health and Physical Education and Literacy will be conducted in school wherein through special morning assembly events, zero period activities etc. students will immerse in the subjects practically and mentally.

  12. To promote the development of elementary skills and healthy habits, Handwriting and Hygiene week etc. will be implemented in school for the junior classes and students who perform well in the assessed areas will be given prizes.

  13. The Health and Physical Education program is being revamped. Facilities for sports such as Net Ball, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Speed Ball are being constructed. Yoga and adventurous recreational activities will also become an integral of the curriculum. SEWA has been introduced through which students will engage in socially useful and productive work.

  14. A‘one of a kind’outdoor performance stage has been constructed in the front lawn for the conduct of various school events and assemblies.



Thank you and have a wonderful year ahead!

Yours truly,