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SENIOR (6-10)

The contours of knowledge know no bounds. Springers recognize this feature and give each student rigorous exposure to group activities, seminars, visual learning and project works. The teaching process at Springdales School helps to garner and harness the varying potential within each student. The aim is to promote and intensify performance and encourage students to be forerunners in all fields. Guidance and grooming of students in order to harness their leadership qualities are amongst the main objectives of Springdales School. We foster the growth of leadership qualities in both the senior and junior students making them socially responsible, independent and impartial leaders with multi dimensional skills. To instill competitiveness and leadership quality, school has formed four Houses namely Tawi, Chenab, Jhelum and Indus. Student Council is elected every year comprising of Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains, House Prefects, Cultural Captains & Sports Captains. Along with these, there are various clubs namely STEAM, English Lliterary, Hindi Lliterary, Sports and Adventure, Music club, Dance club, Art club, Social Science and Heritage club which help students to have an hand on approach in learning new concepts. In an attempt to upgrade linguistic skills of the students, English Language Improvement Plan (ELIP) is incorporated in the curriculum.

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