Kindly note that in formulating these guidelines and rules we have taken utmost care so that we service parents individually in the best possible manner and also ensure efficient collective functioning of the school.

Parents are partners of the school in the noble work of educating children and we hope for your cooperation so that we are always able to deliver the best to the children.



  1. In case of absence without information or leave, the student will be fined Rs. 5/day.

  2. Students are allowed to go on half day leave or short leave only with the parents/guardians after submission of half day leave application to the class teacher.

  3. For half day or short leaves students will be issued a Gate Pass from Front Desk which has to be deposited with the Gate Keeper while leaving the school premises.

  4. Medical Certificate needs to be submitted in case of prolonged leave due to illness.

  5. All applications have to be written and duly signed by the parents.

  6. Students are allowed to leave only with authentic parents or guardians.

  7. 75% attendance is compulsory for all students for promotion to next class.



  1. The schedule of payments of school fees is as follows-

  • 1st Quarter (April to June) by 10th April

  • 2nd Quarter (July to September) by 10th July

  • 3rd Quarter (October to December) by 10th October

  • 4th Quarter (January to March) by 10th January

  1. A late fee of Rs. 50/- will be levied from the 11th – 20th of the month. Subsequently Rs. 50/- late fee will be added for for every delay of 10 days.

  2. Fee can be only be paid online through the Fee Payment link on the website of the school – or through cash in the  designated branches of JK Bank which include – Bantalab, Janipur, Muthi, Domana, Bohri, Tope Sherkhania, Canal Road

  3. Fee payment through check or through NEFT etc. will not be accepted and the school will not be responsible for misappropriation of the said payment.

  4. Parents should keep this booklet in original/photocopy with them and produce it when required by the school.

  5. Parents are requested to fill all the columns of all copies neatly to avoid inconvenience. For each ward, the fee should be deposited separately.

  6. Depositing the school fee by the due date is the responsibility of the parents. School may not send any reminders.

  7. Transport charges are levied for 11 months. In Quarter 2, only 2 months’ transport charges are to be paid.

  8. In case of loss of fee booklet, a new booklet will be issued from school on payment of Rs. 100/-

  9. In case of non payment of fee, students may be suspended or their results may be withheld.


  1. Parents should ensure that the ward reaches the designated stop on time at the time of pick up. The school bus will not wait for ant student in case he/she is late. Similarly, at the time of drop, parents should be available on time to receive their ward.

  2. In case the parent wants to discontinue the use of transport services, he/she shall submit a written application at the school office. In case of withdrawal transport charges for the quarter in which the application is received will have to be paid.

  3. The student may not get the transport facility for the next session if the parent applies for transport withdrawal in the last quarter of an academic session.

  4. Parents should note the contact no. of the Bus in-charge so that in case of leave or any emergencies, the bus in-charge can be notified.

  5. In case of leave of student, parents have to inform the bus in-charge at the earliest.

  6. In case of change of residence and hence pick up point, the School Transport In-charge must be informed by way of written application. In such cases a new vehicle will be allotted to the student based on availability of the same.

  7. All students have to wear their ID Card while travel.

  8. Students have to sit in their allotted seats in the vehicle only.

  9. Transport facility may be withdrawn in case of indiscipline and misbehaviour. 


  1. Parents seeking Transfer Certificate (TC) should apply at least one month in advance by way of written application addressed to the Principal so that necessary formalities are concluded in time by the school authorities. Application format can be obtained from the school office.

  2. TC fee of Rs. 300 has to be paid along with the application.

  3. In case a student leaves the school without intimation, his/her name will continue to be on rolls and parents will have to deposit the fee till the time proper intimation is given to the school authorities. In case of non compliance, TC will not be issued by the school authorities.

  4. Fee will have to be paid for the quarter in which the child is withdrawn.

  5. Students will need to get a No Objection Certificate signed by different departments of the school.

  6. TC will not be given unless all dues have been paid in full.

  7. In case the TC of the student needs to be countersigned by the board, it may take up to a month after result declaration to conclude the formalities for the TC.  In other cases, the school will issue the TC within 7 days of the application given that NOC has been obtained by the student.

  8. In case of non availability or transfer of parent from the city, TC can be sent to the parent’s address by way of registered post. In such cases, parents should mention the address and phone number of communication in the TC application.



  1. Applications have to be submitted at least two days in advance to obtain any certificate or undertaking from school such as:

    • Fee slip for re-imbursement.

    • Letter for income tax exemption.

    • Date of birth & address proof.

  2. Formats for all applications to be submitted to the school are also available at the school office.

  3. In order to avoid disturbance to classes, during school hours parents are not allowed to walk into classrooms.

  4. Lunch should be

  5. Parents to pick and drop their ward at the school gate only.

  6. All belongings of students should be tagged with his/ her name.

  7. Payments pertaining different school excursions/ picnics/ events/ will not be accepted beyond fixed date.

  8. Parents are not allowed to make any communication to the school through drivers or nannies.

  9. No examinations are conducted before or after the scheduled dates.

  10. Parents should ensure that their ward wears the ID Card to school daily.


  1. For any administrative queries including fee, transport, certificates contact the Office Administrator at 0191-2642888

  2. For any academic queries/grievances or to setup meetings with the Principal, Vice Principal, Coordinator or any member of the staff contact the Front Desk Executive at 9797723761.

  3. Parents may also submit their suggestions or grievances by meeting the Director or the Principal. Same can also be emailed to the Director and Principal directly at and

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