Examination Rules & Policy

  1. No examinations are conducted before or after the scheduled dates.

  2. In case of medical leave, an average of marks may be given to the student.

  3. In case of absence, the student to be marked zero in the respective subject.

  4. Students found cheating/using unfair means/unethical practices will be given zero in that subject. Such students can be rusticated from school.

  5. Students are not allowed to borrow any stationary items in the examination hall.

  6. Students are not allowed to come out of examination hall before the prescribed time period.

  7. Use of mobile phone or calculator is strictly prohibited.

  8. Students have to come in proper school uniform on all the examination days.

  9. Parents need to inform school authorities in case their ward is unwell, so that proper care of the student can be taken.

  10.  If the student is unable to write , a writer can be provided from the lower class.

  11.  In case of some accident etc, the student can be provided with a seat out of his assigned examination room.

  12.  All students need to wear their ID cards in examination hall.

  13.  No students are allowed to go to washroom etc before half time.

  14.  Students late more than 10 minutes will not be allowed to sit in examination.

  15.  Students may not be allowed to sit in examination if (i) they have not paid the school dues or (ii) if there is some case of misbehaviour against him/her.

  16.  Result of students indulging in indiscipline/misbehaviour may be withheld by the school authorities.

  17.  Students to obey all instructions given in examination hall and ensure discipline during examinations.

  18.  To win the Scholars/Top Meritorious student award, it is mandatory to appear in all examinations. Students with any Absent/Leave in any examination will not be given the scholars/Top meritorious student award.

  19.  Students to check their seats before sitting ( there should be no paper or book pages related to the examination )

  20. In order to be declared as “ Passed “ a candidate shall obtain not less than 33% marks in each of the five scholastic subjects separately and aggregate.

  21. Student has to secure 33% marks out of overall 20 marks earmarked in each subject in internal assessment too.

  22. A student having less than 75% attendance in an academic session shall not be permitted to appear in Final Examination.

  23. Students will be awarded Marks as well as grades.

  24. It is mandatory to appear in all Examinations.

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