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The education programme of Springdales strives to create skilled learners and ethical leaders who will go on to the best universities anywhere in the world, pursue careers of their choice. The school's curriculum provides opportunities to develop various skills in students while keeping morale and social development at the foundation.

Sringdales is divided into three sections - the Kindergarten, Primary Wing and Senior School. In these sections, the school follows the Montessori system of experimental learning. In senior classes, students prepare for the CBSE examinations.



Kindergarten classes are the doorstep to child's formal education and hence children are given ample time and space for adjustment. On a broader level, the goal is to build linguistic, moral and social skills while stressing on physical health and hygiene.

On the academic front of the child is introduced to alphabets, numbers, colours etc. Emphasis is on activity-based learning in line with the Montessori Method of educating. We recognize that children have multiple intelligences and hence activities which help students learn the subject matter through different ways are conducted. 

Utmost importance is given to ensure a caring and student focus environment by limiting 15 students in a class with one teacher. After kindergarten, your child will build essential skills of speaking, writing and listening.

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