In today’s competitive world, where to achieve anything much greater efforts and skills are required, providing the students with such a platform is a must. Effective from June 2017, we are a registered member of the British Council’s International School Award (ISA) Programme. In order to bring internationalism in our curriculum, we completed the Foundation level of the British Council ISA. Now, we have taken a step forward in this ISA journey. Currently, we are working on the advanced level of the ISA. Under this programme, the learning content that we follow as a CBSE school is given an international approach. Our students learn the prescribed curriculum content via project work in collaboration with other schools globally. This year, our worthy collaborating partners are from Turkey, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Nepal. This project based collaborating learning nurtures a sense of belongingness and global citizenship among the students by understanding the varied cultural differences of the partner countries. It also deals in enhancing the interpersonal, decision-making, creative thinking, logical and critical thinking skills of the learners. All the work and evidence will be complied in a 500-page portfolio/dossier which will be submitted to the British Council for accreditation. ISA encourages schools to create a rich learning experience for enthusiastic learners through the use of ICT, creative pedagogical practices and real context for learning.

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