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Nowadays, Good communication skills are essential to be successful in any profession. We at Springdales believe in continuing effort to equip the young learners with proficiency in communication skills, and for that, we have installed the Wordsworth English Language Lab. The school has been providing various platforms to refine the students’ language proficiency and installation of the language lab is one such important step. This lab has made the language learning an interesting, fun-filled and an easy process. The lab focuses not only on listening skill but speaking and reading skills also. Through the language lab, the students can enhance their vocabulary skills as the learners are exposed to the varied styles of pronunciation using phonetics to make them comfortable with the learning process. One of the most essential features of Wordsworth Language Lab is its MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) Removal Tool. This gives the students an effective way to correct their pronunciation by listening to the sample pronunciation (pre-recorded by the experts) and then recording one’s own voice. Then, the students can compare them both and learn the difference accordingly. Apart from this, there are variety of other interesting activities to boost students’ confidence and interest in language learning. These types of activities provide students the desired learning scenario to master their language skills.

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